About Us

I was working in finance, of what is considered to be the Wall Street of Dubai, but there was something missing in my life.
I have always had that passion for beauty, sending hacks and doing my girlfriends’ make-up. One day, I googled the top make-up school in the world and next thing I knew, I was on a plane half way across the world to Los Angeles to study make-up with Joe Blasco.
Immediately, I got involved into some incredible opportunities. I was working with world-class make-up artists, amazing brands, some huge models. I was exposed to this world that was so amazing, I wanted to share it with other women, to give them almost a window into that glamorous sphere I was experiencing. I started my blog in 2010, and it became a community for beauty connoisseurs where they could share their own beauty inspirations, and thoughts, but also learn from other things that I got to experience as well.


As a beauty influencer, I am very picky with the products that I use and I recommend. Honesty is something I never wanted to compromise with as I feel I have a responsibility towards women. To me, beauty is not about how much you spend, but how great and self-confident you feel.
Beauty is about giving power to women, let them express who they want to be no matter who they are, and play around with trends and situations. I am putting the same honesty and selection into my own product development. I spend so much time picking up the right color, looking for the best quality and most surprising textures you will ever see. If there is no excitement when I receive the samples, it is simply not the right fit.